Which fuel options can I choose from?

We know that our customers hire vehicles for many different reasons, and have many different refueling needs. For your convenience, we offer 4 different refueling options:

– Bring Back Full If you bring the vehicle back full, or at the same level as the vehicle was picked up at, there won't be any charge. If there happens to be any missing fuel at the start, and it isn't the same as your rental agreement, please let one of our staff know or take a picture if you are in a hurry.

– Fuel Up Front This option allows you to purchase a full tank of fuel at a lower price per litre than our Pay on Return rates. You pay one flat fee for any amount of fuel, so try to return it as close to empty as you can to get the best value. If the vehicle is returned full, we do not charge you for Fuel Up Front.

– EZ Fuel If you drive for 75 miles (120 km) or less you can pre-pay a flat fee and we will take care of refuelling. If you choose to refuel yourself, please keep the receipt and present it when you return the vehicle.

– Pay On Return If you don’t have the time to refuel and haven’t taken Fuel Up Front, we can do it for you. Please keep in mind that this will incur a small fee. Want some more information?

Check out our refueling options.